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Often I am embarrassed to admit I follow a Paleo style of eating.
Four years ago I met a family that ate that way and I thought they were just plain crazy.
I mean, why on earth would anyone stop eating bread and dairy.
Well, I was mistaken.  They were simply on a journey of good health and discovery.
I don't want to be the "weird one" but this Paleo style of eating has changed my life.
Changed my health, changed my figure, and changed the way I view food options.

I still eat a lot of different foods,
cook with new ingredients, and try new ways of baking.
I still eat out...which I will admit is more limiting depending on the restaurant.
Often I prepare a mostly Paleo meal for the family and I eat it my way and they add in pasta, or bread or beans.

I am much more in tune with my food triggers.
Now I know what happens if I eat gluten or sugar or legumes (the worst)...it is not good.
The food on the table is full of nutrients.
Kale & other power greens, eggs, almonds, tomatoes by the roasting pan full (tis the season), sweet potatoes, grass fed beef and so on.

I am blessed to live where I can make choices about  the food I serve my family.  
I know that many mamas around the world d not have this luxury.
I am grateful for this gift.
And it is a gift.

pictured above:
1.tomatoes and olive oil ready to be slow roasted into tomato jam
2. cashew cream sauce...perfect for steak, veggies and salads
3. kale and eggs over a potato hash brown
4. peaches, prosciutto and paleo crunch
5. egg on a beef patty with roasted potatoes and arugula (farmstead)


  1. I think eating the way you do sounds DELICIOUS. Since you ate the fried eggs with sizzling vinegar over spinach instead of toast at Brenda's birthday party, I've done that several times, and every time it's been DELICIOUS.

  2. That is so great that you feel better and know what foods make you feel yucky. And hooray for 3 sizes down. Woo hoo!

  3. yes, yes, and yes again! this month marks my paleo anniversary, and even after a year, I am still learning and evolving. the other day we popped into a taqueria for lunch and when the waiter presented chips and salsa, I realized how conscientious I've become about my food choices. in the past, I would have eaten a handful of chips without thinking. it took conscious thought to resist mindless eating. I believe this kind of thinking has affected more than just my food choices.

    I agree, we are blessed to be able to exercise these choices.

  4. you have inspired me, friend. monday will begin my first go at whole30! i am both nervous and excited. xoxo

  5. you have inspired me, friend. next monday will begin my first go at whole30! i am both nervous and excited. xoxo


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