homeschool away from home

 Learning comes in all shapes and sizes.
At home around the table.
In the backyard playing Miwok.
In a math workbook, in a classroom on a hike.
Not to mention field trips and outings.
Learning should never end whether you are 8 or 88 or 108.

 Yesterday we left home to learn.
We learned about color theory.
Saw 2 different studios.

 Embraced color and transparency.
Gleaned knowledge about iridescent paint colors.

Color match.
Chose favorite and least favorite color combos.

 The artist, Ivette.

  Learned about overhead projectors and over-sized canvases.
Increased our knowledge about palettes, priming canvas and taping techniques.

 Looked at the world through a different color lens.
A different viewpoint.

 The learning included a hands on approach.
Taping off triangles.

 Paint procedures and tips for holding paintbrushes.

 Jude in action.

 Collaborative work at it's best.
The artist and her interns.

 Work in progress.
How many other 4th & 5th graders spent the morning with an artist in her studio?

 Thanks Ivette for sharing your studio (and day off) with us.
Thank you for inspiring us.

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  1. so cool! love this! and love all of your schooling adventures!


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