fiddle head and other bits

 When I first learned about fiddle head ficus I knew I wanted one.
 And I wanna be just like Secret Agent Josephine.
And it is our 12th wedding anniversary next week, so I simply saved John the shopping step and picked up my own anniversary present...a giant fiddle head fig.
I have googled them so many times and so when I stopped by a hardware store to pick up stain and a rain chain, I spotted into this beauty, and I knew I needed to add a plant to my living room.
This big beautiful beauty was a need.
Okay, really just a want.
Of course, I needed a beautiful pot.  And a saucer and a stand.

Happy Anniversary a week early is what I say.

Also in other bits of randomness,
I bought my first pair of skinny jeans....ack.  I know, I know, I am about 6 years too late but it has taken me this long to get to a size in which I look okay in skinny jeans...I am however concerned that a 40year old SAHM ought to be sporting skinny jeans.
I am attempting my first batch of bone broth...nom nom paleo style. Stay tuned for results.
I bought beef knuckles...I don't even know what part of the body that is and I am nervous to find out.
My dad should be proud, I stripped the varnish off, sanded and cleaned an art deco "waterfall" piece that I picked up at an estate sale for $10.  Hopefully it will be stained in the next day or two and moved into my kitchen to store home school thingamajigs.
Did I tell you that I am working part time at PaperSource?  I used to work there and now I have returned for a few hours each week.  So far so good.
I am still handlettering.  I want to know though, how many times does Lisa Congdon create each piece because sometimes I am not happy with my outcome but I leave it be for the day and try again the next day.  Not every day is brilliant there are quite a few busts.  I will update with a photo or two. I am enjoying the process even if it is challenging for me.
that is all for now.
peace out.

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  1. Love this plant! I want one too - badly! Front windiw longs for one! Yours is lovely! In other news... i think you are one of the radest moms/people i know! You rock those skinnynjeans. Your kids are totally dope, you eat paleo somethin or other, your home is full of love and family l, you encourage your kids to embrace their imaginations and the arts and Jude plays the uke! Come on... you are a total badass! Seriously. 40 schmorty!


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