This weekending post should really be called,
"Living in Community".
Sometimes I talk about living in community and this past weekend it was a true reality, with folks stopping by, roast chicken dinners with old friends, multiple gatherings on the same property, coffee & scone mornings, games with friends, update-kinda phone calls, last minute dinner parties, skate park outings, spontaneous coffee dates, Sunday afternoon play dates and family baseball times.
And the list goes on.

I will never be a famous celebrity, I will never be a New York Times bestseller but when my life ends I want it to be said of me that my home was always open ...
to anyone, 
that food was plentiful 
and love abounded.
That isn't too much to strive for, is it?
To live out love.
To live in community.
To swing wide the doors of my temporary home.
To embrace old friends, new friends and strangers alike.


  1. It was great to be part of your weekend! Love you so much, aunt kitty

  2. LOVE! and we're stopping by next time....

  3. Girl, it WILL be said! No doubt here and when you meet Him.


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