thoughts on a tattoo

 documented by wendy
inked by renee at liquid amber in vancouver

The first time I wanted I a tattoo was during the "Thelma & Louise" days of my life.
At that time, I was about 20 and my good friend, Erin and I saw the movie about 5+ times at the theater.
I thought a saguaro cactus on my ankle or hip bone would be the best tattoo ever.
Yep. a cactus permanently inked on my body was the best idea I had at age 20.
Fortunately, I was also a chicken liver and was worried about what my dad would say.
Basically, I never had the nerve.
Over the years I thought about different tattoos I wanted.
For quite awhile, in the early days of motherhood, I thought about the kids initials on my ankles.
But, I was never convinced.
In the past year or two the theme of love and forgiveness resurfaced in my life more times than I thought possible.
Yet, when I stop to think about it, forgiveness and love should be the anthems of my life.
I decided to get a simple script tattoo on my wrist.
LOVE on my left wrist and FORGIVE on my right.
Plan in place.
The plan evolved to my sister, Wendy's handwriting and other arm options.
I wanted the script to be small but not too small.
Inkings for me not the whole world.
A few weeks ago, John, commented on the tattoo plans and he accidentally said "Love and Grace".
I liked that so much better.
Last week Bobbi J confirmed my desire for grace and love.
Grace upon grace upon grace is the theme I want for my life.
Really doesn't grace encompass forgiveness?
A daily reminder.
To love with grace.
To have grace with love.


  1. You my Friend are one MAZING chick on SO many levels! LOVE the tats. They are SO you & your heart......

  2. omygosh! So awesome girl. I love them. I rmember also wanting a tatoo. I still think about it as well. I also so remember seeing the movie time and time again. It was an awakening for me somehow. just last sunday, at church, a lady commented right in front of me, "oh erin, you are our feminist sister". LOL I wasnt even offended one bit. I have thelma and louise to thank for that. You will always be my Louise. Your new ink proves it! ;) xoxoxo

  3. i love these-absolutely beautiful. both the meaning & what they look like!

  4. ok. you are the brave one. and special. love your fun and natural spirit !


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