the bits

The bits and bobs post is really a savings account for me because I think it rare, the 12 loyal readers of you, actually click over to the links.  
Which you should because the internet is full of crazy talented, inspiring, rock the world kinda of folks and sometimes we need alittle inspiration.

This week I came across these inspiring things:

  • the makers project is chock full of inspiring stories of folks living out their creative dreams.  take the time to explore and be inspired.


  1. I enjoy these posts, and usually click at least half the links.... unless I am giving Little Mr. his milk, in which I have more time, so I often click them all. :) He still drinks milk from a bottle and his favorite place to drink it is at the computer lol.

  2. Hey! You linked to me AND my friend Lisa. It is a good day, indeed! I double dare you to take on the hand lettering a day challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    xox and thanks for the love.


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