Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong


Earlier this summer I was offered the chance to review "Running for my Life" by Lopez Lomong through the website Booksneeze.   I am not normally a reviewer but was intrigued by both Booksneeze and the book "Running for My life"

The basic summary:
 As a young boy, Lopez Lomong  was captured to be a boy solider...through an amazing chain of events he spends much of his childhood at a refuge camp with other "lost boys of Sudan" before coming to America. Once in America, Lomong has the opportunity to become a citizen and run as an US Olympian.  Lomong's faith in God and reassurance of God's hand in his life makes for a remarkable life story.  Lomong lives for God and has accomplished many things in his lifetime.

My thoughts on the book:
I did not know Lomong's story but after reading "Running for my Life" I can say this man has lived and extraordinary life. A life marked by great hardships and trials but also a life marked by perseverance, courage and grace. Truly, God had His hand on Lomong from a young age.  A journey from Sudan to America. From poverty to abundance. From heart wrenching sorrow to unmistakable joy. I wish the book was more strongly written and included more of the grittiness of Lomong's life but this book was written as a book of encouragement and from Lomong's gracious point of view. Lopez Lomong has an amazing story and the grace of God is evident through out. Lomong will, no doubt, continue to live a remarkable life in the palm of God's hand.

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