backyard Navajo

 By 8:30am Native American crafting had commenced.
The playing actually started at 9:30am yesterday, Navajo in the backyard.
Homemade bow and arrows, quivers from belts and toilet paper rolls.
There was a tribal combo as they incorporated Shoshone, Chinook, Haida and Navajo tribe culture.
Yes, coastal and plains Indians in the same game.

 This isn't the first time we have had this sort of play in the backyard, 
but it seems every time we delve into books, stories or ideas on Native Americas the play resumes.

 Fires, shelter and weapons are crafted out of backyard castaways, tape and string.
This morning they started working on a drum and celebration rattle...involving fabric and paper mache.

 This is what I love about homeschool.
Jude and Delia, read a novel, request non-fiction books about Indian Tribes, let their imaginations run wild and play for days...in harmony.
There is a fair bit of "get the white pioneer business" when I walk into the backyard.
I often bring provisions.
I really need to barter more.

Learning through play, just as they did when they were toddlers and piled blocks up.
What they don't know is there is more reading, a report and a field trip or two up my sleeve.
This year we are studying California and American history...as well as Ancient History (but that is another story for another day).
Now, I must go do a  trade...a trip to the doctor and speech therapist in exchange for new twine and dowels for drumsticks.


  1. Oh my gosh... this is so precious it made me giggle - a lot! My fave pics are of the axe and delia wielding her bow! Freakin awesome! You are one awesome mom with an awesome couple of littles. I leave inspired, as always! Xo

  2. I guess that answers my question about if you were going to home school again this year. :) Looks like such a fun way to learn (for the kiddos and the mama)!


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