6 years or so

photo taken by Delia: day 5 of camping
For 6 years I have been on medication or eye drops or both to control Iritis, a genetic autoimmune disease I am cursed with. or blessed with, depending on how you see it.
Yesterday, my eye specialist gave me the long awaited go ahead to stop taking the immune suppressant  medication I have been on for 5+ years....(steroids and eye drops prior to those 5yrs and during the past 6yrs)
This is huge.
Every time in the past 3 years that my meds dosage has dropped, my body sends a flare up to my eyes.
For nearly the past year the meds were slowly weaned away.
As the year began, I eliminated a lot of gluten, dairy and sugar in my diet.
I was not hard core.
In May, I decided to try Whole 30.
What a life/game changer for me.
Approaching my autoimmune disease with an anti-inflammatory style diet, really did change my outcome.  I was able to wean off medication quickly.
My overall health changed drastically.  I lost 30lbs and 3 sizes...not to mention all the aches and pains associated with my chronic illness.
The original goal in Whole 30 was to get off my medication this year.
As of yesterday, this goal is accomplished.
I have a follow up appointment in a month and because autoimmune diseases have a mind of their own, I know there is a chance of Iritis flare up again.
But for today I celebrate my good health and a medication free life.
All in God's grace, of course.

read more about my Iritis journey here.


  1. Yea you! I must say - the whole30 sounds like torture - but I know I'm just being dramatic. I like your take on it - health, not obsession.

  2. Wow, congratulations Nicole! I am so excited about the no meds thing, and the weight loss must feel awesome too!

  3. Oh gosh.. the Whole 30 is something I have been rolling around in the back of my head for a while now. This is a REAL inspiration to see what you've done.
    Maybe this is the boost I need.

  4. thank you friends for all your encouragment!

  5. WOW! You make me want to try it...

  6. Hooray! Proud of you for the hard work you've put in to make this life change!

  7. Hooray and hooray! Praise the Lord!!! So happy for you friend! Xo

  8. Completely awesome, Nicole! Congrats on a weight-loss well done and a terrific return to health.


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