weekending and beyond

 Since I am way behind on blogging I thought I would do a quick Readers Digest Version of the past 10 days and hopefully, if time allows, expand further at some point.
This laid back way of life...no kids at home and no job...makes me a laid back person.
As it turns out an unscheduled life leads to an unaccomplished life!

 In the past 10 day we have attended a wedding with good friends.
as pictured above
 There have been dinners out, dinners in, hikes and walks and hanging out.
Church set up, lunch on the town, bellyaches, movies and more movies.

 Sewing with Dee.  Sewing solo. 
Progress on my first ever quilt.
Actually, I have two quilts in progress.
I decided that perhaps a full size quilt was a bit ambitious for my first quilt so now I am working on a twin size.
Stay tuned on the progress on my sewing adventures.
 I went to girls camp.
A full post forthcoming!

  A fun getaway in the gold country.

 40 rocks.
Brenda, the birthday girl and me.

 The weekend was a whirlwind of shared meals, building community and good food.

 Wu casa.

 There was pretended farming, complete with egg collecting, flower picking and herb tasting.

 Impromptu wine date, a brief bellyache battle and an overall blessed time.
The days and weeks are flying by.  
I suppose I should have created a "to-do" list so the sense of accomplishment reigned but I am making peace with this laid back way of life.
Accepting this time as a gift.
A blessing.

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  1. Sweet....wow and glad you're back online...missed ya!


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