photo love..yvr style

 Vacation has a way of changing ones priorities.
The slower pace of life tends to, in my case, slow everything down.
Everything from skin care routines to email and all that lies in between.

 A week ago, I flew to Vancouver to spend a few days with my sister Wendy and to explore her favorite haunts, before heading over to the island to reunite with my littles.

Wendy shared with me her favorite shops, favorite coffee shops, favorite folks and favorite places to eat.
Some of them at least.

 I love a good meal especially if it is shared with good folks.

 Wendy and I walked miles and strolled in and out of shops.
Stopped in gardens, watched Downton Abbey, chatted and enjoyed the company of sisters.
Oh, and I went and got a tattoo...2 of them actually.

 A rare treat to spend one on one time with a sister.
Should be a tradition.

 If you are ever in Vancouver some of my highlights were:
(my favorite meal)
and several amazing artesian coffee roasters.


  1. Your sis is pretty! Just like you! And PS, i need that coffee sign! Seriously. Xo

  2. so fun! your sis looks so much like you in the eyes!!! ps it's august, let's talk hang time.


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