if you...

...give a mom a few weeks without her children,
she will decide to polish the hardwood floors.
If she polishes the floors,
she will decide to rearrange the furniture in the living room.
If she rearranges the furniture,
she will decide to patch the holes in the wall.
If she patches the holes,
she will decide to paint the whole wall.
If she paints the wall,
she will discover there is just a little paint left in the can,
so she will paint another wall.
If  the other wall is painted and the can is empty,
she will decide to paint the trim in the living room.
If she paints the trim in one room,
she will need to paint the trim in the hallway.
If she completes the hallway,
she will decide to paint the door frames.
If she paints for hours instead of getting ready for her trip,
she will stay up too late.
If she stays up too late,
she will run out of light to photograph her accomplishments.
If she fails to photograph her hours of work,
she will steal an idea from "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie",
and write a blog post about it.
If she writes a post,
she will promise to post photos of the "new" living room.
If she promises...


  1. Awesome. :) Can't wait to see the new living room!

  2. If you dont show us your work ill be forced to head to cali.
    If i head to cali, im comin to find you.
    If i find you we'll drink coffee for hours and chat even longer.
    if we chat for hours we're likely to stay up all night.
    If we stay up all night, you'll be back to square one.
    Share the pics of your work or be tired forever!!!!

  3. We just red If You Give A Mouse a Cookie tonight. Last night was If You Give A Moose A Muffin :)

  4. ha- this is an awesome post! pics of the switcheroo/paint/patch????

  5. Good way to document anyday of my life with or without the kids! I should try it sometime. My boys love those books!


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