Girls Camp...40 Rocks

 Last week, I went to Girls Camp.
Quite unlike any other camp I have ever attended.
A 40th birthday celebration for Brenda.

 I was so nervous going to camp.
All my insecurities rushing into my heart as I drove to Grass Valley.
Silly I know, yet I was worried I wouldn't know anyone.
yada yada.
Guess what, I knew some gals and I met some new friends.
Meeting new friends simply makes the world a better place.
Wouldn't you agree?

 Days of good drinks, good food and a trip to the spa.
Truly the best massage I have ever experienced.
Let me know if you ever go to Grass Valley stop for a massage at Vela.

 Hours filled with never-ending crafts.
Rock painting, watercolor, friendship bracelets and origami.

 Spring roll contests...the birthday girl won that contest.

 The birthday girl and her mom.

 As expected, Brenda had the perfect theme and executed it in style.
Garlands, banners, rocks and daisies in mason jars.

 Birthday dinner at the long table.

 We met 26 years ago.
Another reason 40 rocks.
I am sorry I had to cut out of camp earlier and sorry I arrived late.

 Susan was the most gracious hostess.
Thank you Susan for opening your home for "camp".
Sue made the most delicious pasta sauce.
The campers engaged in delightful conversations.
New friends, new information and new ideas.

 40 rocks.
Brenda put together the best gift bag ever.
Including pens from the Tokyo Pen Shop and journals from Miro


  1. I'm so glad you came. I wish we lived closer! We could do some major party planning together! Maybe start a company! I have more to say but I'm saving it for an email.


  2. It was great meeting you! I finally figured out why your name sounded familiar. I ordered a garland of the month from you for my sister. :)


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