the bits

bits of fun and wonder that i want to share with you.

-a deaf Olympic swimmer and his story.
-I am a pinning fool.  Check out my pins.  Are you a pinner? If you are let me know.
-West Elm has a new headboard that is lovely and styled in the most perfect bedroom of all time.
-Jessi of Naptime Diaries has a new ebook "Be Quiet and Say Something".  I am looking forward to reading it.
-Are you a runner check out what Mizuno is up to...the Mezamashii Run Project.
-Check out this gorgeous chalkboard.  Gets me thinking...  Plus the verse is perfect.

What did you come across this week?
Do tell.
Okay, we are off to the State Fair.  
I have never been to a state fair.
Happy Friday!

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