Let's start with Friday and ride on through the weekend.
Lunch on the deck with a dear friend.

 After work party for former colleagues and a footrace for the kiddos

 Final soccer game of the season.
I am so not a soccer mom.

 self explanatory.

 Hair wraps from by the cousins.
Pesto and movies too.

 Night out with the dearest gal ever.

Sunday morning pre-church science experiments.

 A grandmother and her grandson

 Killing time.

 Chilling out.

 Sunday afternoon baseball.

In hot pursuit of a new washing machine.
On Friday my washer died an ugly death.
Full of dirty water and dirty clothes.
Wring out clothes and siphoning laundry water.
Weekend joy and bliss.
Now I need a washing machine.
I spent several hours at the laundromat today.
There is nothing quite like a morning at the laundromat to humble oneself.
I am so grateful that 300 out 365 days of the past year I have had daily access for in home laundry.
Except for the camping and the washing machine that died last summer.

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  1. This dishwasher has great customer reviews through Sears as well as from Consumer Reports. http://www.sears.com/shc/s/lg-3.7-cu-ft-top-load-high-efficiency/p-02635142000P?autoRedirect=true&sLevel=0&redirectType=SKIP_LEVEL
    Thought we were going to have to buy one recently but fortunately didn't have to.


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