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A year ago we decided to sponsor a child through Compassion International...a hands on way for Jude and Delia to pray for someone who needed prayer, a place to give a portion of their allowance, a way to interact by writing letters and making birthday cards. Our sponsor "son" lives in Ethiopia...we couldn't decide what part of the world to choose from and the needs are so great everywhere.  Some people choose a sponsor child with the same birthday as their own. Compassion choose for us. A few months later we decided to add a second child.  We hoped our sponsor child had a sibling who needed sponsorship or at least if there was another child in the same village. There was a 10 year old boy who lived near by the first one. Currently, we pray for, write letters to and send money to two boys on the other side of the world. The sacrifice is small but the way it impacts those two boys will be life changing.

To give but not know where to give.  To share but not sure where to share.
I started a weekly post with a place  to give with what you have been given.

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  1. I love this.. Something for me and Chris to remember one day when we have kids ;)
    Hope Delia is doing well with recovery.. I prayed for her <3


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