massaged kale salad

 Somewhere along the way I missed the memo about massaged kale salads.
Apparently, I was not running in the right circles, reading the right blogs or paying attention in the culinary world.
Let's be clear, there was no running or paying of attention.
The other evening my friend Erika offered me a bag of baby kale and suggested massaged kale salad.
"What? You massage kale!", was my reply.
Apparently it is popular kale salad.
Now, I like kale, I eat kale a lot, I serve my family kale, I grow kale in my garden, I have kale in my freezer and my fridge most days of the week.
I am however, not a fan of raw kale.
Until yesterday, when the friendship of kale passed into my massage worthy hands.
Turns out I love raw kale...if it is massaged.

 I did not google a massage kale recipe.
I simply followed Erika's instructions, as follows.

put kale in bowl
add a squeeze or two of lemon
drizzle with olive oil
add salt and pepper

massage with fingers for 2 mins until kale breaks down.

Weird I know.
Oh, don't forget to wash you hands first.

 Lovely dark greens.
Chock full of vitamin goodness.

That is it.
I suppose you could add whatever you wish.
I added tomatoes the first time.
Tonight I had massaged kale salad with a bison patty and grilled broccoletti.
Trust me, this salad is delicious.
Stop by and I will make you one.
Better yet, pick up a bunch (or bag) of kale and massage away.

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  1. Mmmm - there is some waiting for me in my garden that I haven't tried yet. Perhaps I will be massaging kale tonight.


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