flew the coop

 the bags were packed.
tickets purchased.
spending money dispersed.
summer journals given.
prayers said.
 off they go to grandparent camp.
just like last year.
for a month.
on an ariplane wth nan to a faraway island.
see you in a month my loves.
miss you already!
the questions remain,
"who am i without my kids?"
"how will i bide my time?"
"what happens next?"

well, first i went to the movies, then the bookstore.
no one needed me, asked for anything or harrassed me about anything.
when i got home, i sat around. played a game with john. snuggled the cat.
walked around bored. found the mess delia left for me(see above).
washed the bedding. made the beds. cooked supper. surfed the web.
went to target to pick up sundries (and sorbet).
now what?
john is out. the house is quiet.
what is a girl to do?
i think i shall sit on the sofa like a bofa and eat a little coconut sorbet 
and watch a movie...
a movie i shall choose myself.
yes, i will watch 2 movies in one day.
now, what about tomorrow...


  1. Wow. That's pretty much amazing. Enjoy!

  2. I think I would make a list of all the things I wanted to get done around the house and then do them in the order that I wrote them in. I am sort of doing that right now, and trying to complete one thing after Little Mr. goes to bed. It is so satisfying to look in my closets/garage/etc. and see everything cleared out, cleaned, organized and what not. Very fun. :)

    Oh, and also... I would do what you did today. A LOT. Sounds wonderful!

  3. Has it already been a year since they did that? What a great experience for them (and you!).

  4. yes to your text. i'll call you tomorrow- we leave all next week (without kids!!!)


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