a day in the life

 the house is quiet...all day.
no one interrupts my shower.
i can complete a task from beginning to end.
 yet the same tasks like dishes, laundry and gardening still exist.
only i have to take the trash out myself!
but there is time to read, surf the net and prepare for next year.
 this morning i worked in the garden for 4 hours and then i went out.
ran errands, stopped for a cup of coffee, went to the fabric store and perused the bookstore.
 the quiet is strange and i still don't know what to do with myself.
last year didn't seem this way but then again i worked last summer.
funny though, my friends are either on vacation, busy with their children or working.
how dare they have their own lives!
 when john gets home from work we watch "the franchise" together.
he has to pause frequently to fill me on the bits of baseball i don't know.
which is pretty much everything.
i am a terrible baseball wife.
later in this day in my life we will have friends over for burgers and games.
tomorrow i have big plans.
sewing, gardening, coffee drinking and the such.

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