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  • 100 degree weather wears a girl out...a good reminder to me that texas might in not be the place for me after all...or maybe it is and the heat would grow on me.
  • mama to mama, worldwide...we are just trying to do our best...to love our babies and 18 years later set them free.
  • last night I ate the best meal of all time...truly...it was the evening special at "gather"...a goat dish and it was divine.  Funny story though, my brother-in-law was there hours earlier and missed out on the best meal of his life.  I had the chance to meet the head chef and tell him the special was truly the best meal of my life...to date.
  • spending a few minutes on the phone with my grandma fills my heart with song and makes me want to say "right-o"
  • raspberries are my favorite fruit. true story. these days I am eating them handful by handful.
  • I have one more week with the kids before they head off to grandma camp.
  • father's day is tomorrow and I am sadly unprepared but I will cook some killer bison burgers for lunch to make up for it.
  • A couple days ago I had my hair chopped off...now I want to cut it even shorter.
  • Is summer a good time to get a tattoo...I am a tattoo dreamer!
  • Yesterday I was in charge of 7 kids and it was blissful...but only because they were not all my children so the bickering aspect was eliminated.
  • Someday I want to live in Paris...
  • it is late , the house has cooled off, my mind is busy and my body is tired but this is a good life we have.  a blessed life indeed.

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