bits of color and light

 For approximately 3 years, I admired these lovely balls of color and light.
At the local Japanese store the lights hang in the window and behind the cash wrap.
Finally, I bought them.
Colored balls placed around the accompanied string of white lights.
so magical.
I stared at them on my lap for quite some time.
 These tiny little bits of color and light.
A rainbow of joy.
Such a little thing just lifted my spirits.
Just like that.
Since I can not sit around and admire colorful joy inspired light sitting in my lap,
I placed them across the piano.
joy sharing.
I am thinking though that those bits of light might need to rest across our bed frame.
Or perhaps I need to invest in another set of lights...
or two.
Sometimes it really is the simplest things in life that bring the biggest bits of joy.

counting blessings

healthy children
employment for our family
colorful light balls
massaged kale salad
new babies in the family 
lazy summer mornings
full social calendar
new mercies every morning
spinach and eggs fro breakfast
10 year old slumber parties
top secret surprises



  1. They make ME happy and they aren't even at my house!
    This is too funny that you just purchased these as I have been looking for just the right ones for my house and have yet to find the "joyful" kind!
    You make my heart happy!


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