and she hears...in the water

On Saturday, our little mermaid ventured into the pool with her brand new Neptune...
The waterproof processor from Advanced Bionics.  
The battery was charged, the processor was clipped to her swimsuit, 
the magnet placed under the fabric swim cap.
In she goes...

...push off.  
See the green rectangle on her back...that is the Neptune.
Our deaf daughter hearing underwater with her right ear (old ear).
Will wonders never cease!

Across the pool she swims to us (her parents, who are waiting with bated breath).
Delia pops up and said " I hate it, take it off!"
John persuaded her to try again and give it 5 minutes.
5 minutes passed, then 10 minutes, then 30 minutes.
All the while she is playing "marco polo" with the other kids.
Swimming, yelling and playing.
Usually Delia is quiet when she can't hear.

Delia changed her mind, she does like hearing in the water.
She just didn't like hearing the "water bubbles" in her ear.
The Neptune will revolutionize her swim team workouts.
Which she gets to test out next week.
Bionic girl and her bestie cousin.
Playing and talking in the water.
Look out world, here comes the unstoppable Delia.


  1. That is such a miracle! So great.

  2. yippee! i love technology! can't wait for cochlear to have the same! (don't love waterproofing her implant- too stressful)


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