activations, miracles and hope

Yesterday was activation day.
Two weeks after her left ear cochlear implant surgery.
Her cochlear implant was turned on and she heard sounds for the first time with her left ear.
The last time she "heard" for the first time, Delia was a baby, just 11 months old.
This time it was different because she could hear with her right ci (cochlear implant).
I would love to say the activation went wonderfully and she heard voices right away,
that was not the case.
The sounds are confusing, loud, amplified, unrecognizable and not the world of hearing she is accustom to.
There are tears and frustration.
Delia has withdrawn from her usual loud boisterous self into a quiet hermit.
We knew the first days, weeks and even months would be hard.
We knew the real work is ahead.
We knew the early days of her brain learning to recognize sound would be challenging.
We knew.
Or did we.
Miracles are nice.  Hoping for a miracle is always at hand.
This journey of deafness and hearing is long.
Watching your child struggle tears the mama heart into a million pieces.
I keep reminding Dels...and myself...that this is just the beginning.
That the beginning is always the hardest and that one day soon we will look back on this time and barely remember how hard it was.
That soon enough, those gibberish sounds she is hearing in her left implant, will become sounds she knows, words she recognizes and voices she loves.
I think it will be a long couple of weeks.
at least a long weekend.
The highlight of this weekend though, will be the chance for Delia to try out her new Neptune and hear (with her right side implant) in water for the first time.
We warned her that no one can really hear in water but when she bobs her head out of the water is when she will love to hear.
I am hoping for a miracle.


  1. Hoping and praying for a miracle as well Nicole. Thanks for sharing an update with us and we will keep your family in our prayers!

  2. From one Mamma heart to another.....xoxox.....and prayers.....and then more oxoxox!

  3. Wow oh wow. I know there's a long road ahead but I think it's still a miracle that the surgery was successful and she can hear sounds. It may not be what she knows, but like you said her brain will learn. I'm also excited her about the Neptune. Can't wait to hear about her experiences hearing in the water.

  4. Technology is amazing! I'm so excited for Miss Delia - and I'm sending you a hag for all the hard work you're both doing right now! Peace!

  5. A HUG, not a hag. But I'll get you a hag if you want one. heeeeeeee hee hee.


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