30 days of eating...Whole 30

For the past 30 days I have not consumed:
sugar in all its forms(only in fruit)
legumes (in all forms)
white potatoes
no msg or sulfites or other equally nasty additives
I participated in Whole 30.
Sounds crazy and it was and it wasn't.
For the past 30 days I have eaten the most delicious wholesome foods, with the exception of sardines.
I have consumed:
almonds and macadamia nuts
meat...lots grass fed, organic meat
tons of veggies
avocados like they were going out of style
seasonal organic fruit.
and so on.
I tried new recipes.
coffee coconut milk
I did not explore too many new recipes.
For the most part I would serve a meat protein with a big portion of veggies and the kids and John would eat rice or bread with it. Simplified family eating.
I scrambled ground pork with all sorts of vegetable goodness.
 Fried eggs over veggies.
I ate every sort of salad imaginable.
Learned to love "burgers" with lettuce buns.
Smoothies and fresh green juices
Snacks consisted of 
handfuls of almonds, 
Lara bars, 
dried figs, 
handfuls of raspberries
apples and almond butter
hard boiled eggs
and coffee..without cream.
Yes, you heard me...now I take my coffee black.
I must admit I miss the creamy goodness of a latte.
The things I learned about myself and my eating habits are innumerable.
For instance, I am a sugar junkie and I need a hit around 11am and 3pm.
Eating out was a bit of a challenge, Chipotle was a saving grace.
Learning to adapt meals...and grocery shopping.
Learning to recognizing hungry versus boredom.
The number one reason I did Whole 30 was to see if eliminating high inflammatory foods would help my many "issues" and would help me finally stop taking medication for my iritis.
Following Whole 30 helped me :
sleep better
shed extra pounds
eliminate achy feet and hip issues 
no more bloating and puffiness
increased energy and brain clarity
increased awareness in what we eat as a family.
Now what...
I hope to continue eating a mostly paleo diet.  I will likely add back in potatoes, corn and natural sweeteners...we will see how my body responds.
I want to choose good health and wise choices but do not wish to be bound by an obsession.
I am grateful for the discipline of eating Whole 30 and for the bounty of California produce.



  1. Right on, Nicole! I'm on day 16 and it's going pretty well. Glad to be eating lots of veggies again. Sometimes nauseated by eggs though.

  2. perfect timing for my life! i am going to start this right after I can get myself to the produce store. thanks for all your honesty and the detailed post!


  3. Wow Nicole! Good eating! Way 'ta go YOU!
    Bet you are feeling so good. Am doing a similar thing....kinda sorta and shedding the porkage!
    Here's to looking good and feeling even better.

  4. Nicole I am so proud of you, that would not be easy. For me, the hardest part would be dairy. I might try Whole 30 some time though if it did help you that much!

  5. so incredibly proud of you. i really would love to attempt this...but since i don't like eggs or creatures of the sea i'm not sure if i could swing it. and to say goodbye to cheese, cream in my coffee & bread? oh it would do a world of good i know...but to bite the bullet? thanks for your kind words yesterday re our iep. xo

  6. WHOA. That is SERIOUSLY impressive. I don't know if I could do that. Amazing!

  7. Very exciting! I am on day 20 of eating really similarly to help clear up some health issues, but finding this website is really great! It is interesting how fulfilling eating like this can be, how much is still available for us to eat, and how much we learn about ourselves and our body. I too realized just how many sweets i allow in my day. It is good to be aware and feel so clean!
    This is our house favorite kale salad and when i am off dairy i don't even miss it in this recipe (though it is devine with the blue cheese!)

  8. i just peeked back at your whole 30 list. maybe i'll try that next- but for a non egg non seafood loving person- oh, it sounds rough. quinoa, lentils and brown rice have been my saving graces. pondering it...


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