the whole weekend was like a big party.
oh, there was the usual home chores, soccer  and gardening 
but the highlightwas a belated 40th birthday party in my honor.
woot woot.
lots of good fun,  good food and good folks.

 john surprised me with a birthday video (forthcoming)
that left me smiling ear to ear.
my friends and family together.
a certain uncle gifted me with macarons from my favorite bakery.
i felt loved by all.

 after church on sunday we had a family lunch out.
i love the sunday after church meals out.

 homeroom goodness.
a restaurant devoted to mac n' cheese.
i ate a salad.
so lame.
but i want to keep smiling.

 sunday afternoon was a marathon of activity...
first up, a clay class art show.
delia's piece is the green cup behind her shoulder.

 followed by a piano recital.
video also forthcoming.

 but the highlight was a wild game of round robin.
in special honor of my nephew in town for his birthday.
there is a video of this wildness too...

yet again, I can say,
thank you Lord for this blessed life.
what did you do this weekend?

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