Gotta love a good weekend.
A sunny warm summery weekend.

Especially, when you take Friday off, jump in the car, 
pick up your favorite sil & bil
and hit the road.

 Henry Coe State Park for a hike amongst the oaks and hills.

Homeschool in the wilds.
What better learning is there than that.
woodpeckers put those acorns in the granary tree.

 Oh, California, how we love you.
Your green rolling hills, giant oaks and sunshiney days.

 The afternoon was spent at San Juan Bautista Mission.
4th grade history baby.

Junipero Serra and Delia.

There was a wee bit of antiquing thrown in the mix too.

 We did eat pretty great burgers at the Running Rooster.
If you ever find yourself in Hollister you should check it out.

 On Saturday morn we met up with Uncle Phil for a hike in Pinnacles.

 Talus caves.
no bats spotted...no condors either.


 lunch feast.

 cave hiking.

Weekending at it's finest.
not pictured:  gardening,church, and 2 memorials  

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