Surgery day & the update

 Just a few photos of the surgery day.
Delia was the oldest patient of the surgeon so her surgery was an afternoon time slot.
There was a lot of waiting.
Nerve wracking but expected.

 Checked in and waiting.
Fancy gowns that can be attached to a tube to heat the patient.

 Silly Dels and anxious mom.
We made videos and took photos.
There is a video forthcoming.

 The surgeon marked the "left" ear!

 Waiting for the "happy juice" to kick in.
Which didn't really work for her.
Turns out "happy juice" did not knock her out so Delia was still anxious and crying as they wheeled her off to the OR.

 Our wonderful PaulSand came and helped us bide the time.
Food, conversation, posed photos and text messages made the time pass.

 Recovery and bunny snuggles.

 I was so overwhelmed in the recovery room that I started to feel faint and woozy.
So embarrassing.
I've been here and done this before but when you see your child hooked up and "out of it",
your heart breaks a bit.
We are so grateful to have healthy children.  
So many parents endure this heartbreak many times a year.
Grace to them.

Home and settled into bed with ice bags, pain meds, vomit bag, and Molly the American Girl.
Delia is now 4 days post surgery and has no pain.
The bandage is off, the swelling is down, no medication is needed.
She is back to her feisty self, even running around the house a bit.
For Delia the hardest part will be taking it slooooow.
Not a natural response for her.
Tomorrow we have a follow up appointment with the surgeon and if all goes well she will be activated in 10 more days.

Happy Memorial Day friends.


  1. I loved that warm air filled gown.... much nicer than heated blankets! Glad to hear she is doing well.

  2. so glad she is doing well! love to you guys!

  3. Thanks for the update... I am so glad that it is one full of encouraging news. Aren't PaulSand the best??


  4. Thank you Lord!
    Enjoy a good book under a tree Delia.
    Big hugs to you Sweet Doll!

  5. I would be getting woozy with you, Nicole! So glad she is recovering well and we'll pray for some good down time for the next little while. ♥

  6. Hey! Finally catching up on your blog and so glad to see that Delia is doing well and recovering. Sure been thinking of all you. Love.


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