the week disappeared just like that.
the kids had star testing, which meant i had 2 mornings to myself.
one morning solo coffee and one morning coffee with a friend.
today i worked in the garden for 4 hours.
i , with the aid of john, moved a currant bush that was taking over the place,
created a new mini raised bed where the chicken coop was,
transplated the orange tree.
planted spinach, chard, herbs, lettuce and beans.
i am an optimistic gardener.
it always turns out better in my head.
jose better stay away from my garden or he will be an indoor cat.
cats and gardens do not always mix.
i feel happy.
i love this feeling.
really, happiness was missing from my good life.
somewhere along the line i lost it.
at lunchtime i snuck and away for a private pilates lesson.
i ate ratatouille.
twice in one day.
i am on day 11 of whole 30.
i promise i will post about it.
because it is rockin' my world.
but this is a random post.
full of bits.
last night i snuck away to hang with my friend Susannah.
so wonderful to sit and chat.
today the kids and i studied ear anatomy.
awesome sauce.
science of course.
but we are prepping for delia's surgery next week.
in one week.
she said all she needed after surgery was company and ice cream.
you betcha.
done and done.
happy almost weekend.
don't forget the eclipse this sunday.
good stuff.
home school to boot.


  1. love, love, loved our time.

    (how did neither of us click any shots? :))

  2. Nicole! I'm intrigued by the whole30 program. Is your entire family following it? If not how are you balancing it all? Thanks!


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