play along---embrace the camera

 I like to play along but rarely have my act together.
I pretend to have my act together, okay sometimes I do have my act together.

 Today I embraced the camera or rather I tried.
I am in the photo...with my children.
Making memories and moments come to life.

 Yes, my fancy pants camera has a self timer.
Heck, it even has a HD video recorder.

 Apparently, in my book, embrace means to hold the camera at an awkward angle so that every extra chin and neck wrinkle is evident.
Apparently, it is easier to take 3 dozen photos, cutting off corners of my kids faces instead of posing and running.
Classy, I know.

We (as in the royal we), have made several birthday videos for loved ones in the past year and many times moms are missing from the big life events or the photos are posed photo ops instead of the everyday. 
 I want to remember the everyday.
For the everyday is the extraordinary gift.
isn't it?

Wanna embrace the camera and play along.  
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  1. you are beautiful.

    and love these everyday moments!


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