a letter to the village

This is an excerpt of an email we sent out this week to family.

On Thursday May 24th, Cordelia will be having surgery at Kaiser Oakland.  She is scheduled for a cochlear implant on her left ear. The surgery is slated to be day surgery and should only be a couple of hours plus prep and recovery and if all goes to plan she will be back home late afternoon/early evening.  Tomorrow we will find out the exact time of her surgery. 

This surgery feels different from her first implant surgery, as she was a baby, and the re-implantation surgery, 6 years ago as she was so young and couldn't hear.  This time we made the decision as family to help Cordelia, she will be able to localize sound and have increased hearing in loud settings.   She is now old enough to understand what will happen, the timeline of her surgery and how she will feel post operative.  Delz is prepared for the many, many speech therapy appointments that await and she knows that she will need to work hard.  Cordelia seems calm and matter of fact about the procedure.  Mostly she is looking forward to receiving the Neptune, the waterproof processor.  When we asked if she needed anything after her surgery, she replied, "Just company and ice cream."  Though Cordelia uses implants to hear, she is still a deaf person and always will be.  She will face challenges that we may never be able to relate too.  We are so grateful for the miracle of modern day medicine and the science of bionics.

Cordelia will be in recovery mode for the next little bit.  The audiologist will activate the left ear in 2 weeks and she must take a 3 week break from sports.  When she is activated she will receive the Neptune.  We already have a great speech therapist in place and hope to continue with her over the next year.

Please pray for wisdom for the surgeon, quick recovery for Cordelia and that we won't have to spend the night in the hospital, patience for Cordelia as she learns to hear with her left ear, understanding for Judah as he loves to be with his sister, courage and peace for us (John & Nicole) and more importantly, that God might be glorified in all of this.


  1. just checking in to see if you'd posted anything. what a big day tomorrow! lots of love, hugs & prayer to you guys! let me know if you need anything at all! xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  2. psalm 139....I am praying this truth of God knitting Cordelia together (KNITTING!!!!!---that is intricate work) will give you all peace. He created her and none of this is a surprise to Him. Much love to you all,


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