Something strange happened today.
Actually, let me back up to Saturday evening, there was a party for me and it was great fun,
 I smiled a lot. (more details another day). 
John made a video of me/for me and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt...just like seeing the Bar J Wranglers for the first time. (more details forthcoming)
Yesterday, there was a wild game of round robin ping pong, during which I laughed a lot.
(details later).
Such joy was followed by a whopper of a migraine.
Back to today.
On Mondays, Delia and Jude spend the morning at an urban ranch...hiking and such.
Today was a offsite day...a hike in the hills day.
Instead of my usual Monday a morning activities, which usually means a hike around the reservoir, a stop a for coffee and grocery shopping, I decided to head home for the morning.
Deciding to go home is a another 1/2hr drive (with no traffic) each direction,
 which is why I never go home.
Today I went home.
I cleaned up, checked emails, washed dishes, switched the laundry, ate an apple.
You know regular, stay-at-home-mom kind of activities.
On the way back to pick up the kids a strange sensation came over me.
I was puzzled.
The windows of the Jetta were down, the sun was streaming in, the wind was blowing my hair, I was high up in the Oakland hills, out the window was an amazing view of our city by the bay.
Then it hit me...
this was happiness.
I had forgotten what unadulterated happiness felt like.
and there it was.
Wind in my hair, sun shining, not a care in the world, out for a drive, 
all is well with the world happiness.
Just like that, when I wasn't looking, when I was doing regular stuff, 
happiness hit me upside the head.
I am so grateful that I noticed the shift.
A gift from the Giver of all things.

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  1. Let it seep in and save a bushel basket for another day.
    thanks Lord!


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