Little bits I find here and there that I need to share with you and you and you.

Shana Murray and her decals...be still my heart.  I was thinking of purchasing the "be brave" and "be kind" for the kids bedroom doors.

Naptime Diaries has a new prints too...I adore the " rejoice always"

It is almost time for the Great American Backyard Campout...wanna join us and campout in our backyard?

Have you heard of the 365grateful project?  I am joiner!

Buy a beautiful scarf and help women in Africa.  fashionABLE.  Truly beautiful.  Even stripey scarves for kids.

Posiegetscozy has a great post about things to do in Portland...I sent it to my nephew, who is attending college there! 

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  1. yay! we are going to portland in july!!! (with no kids!)


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