-almond yogurt waffles oh my!
-rageagainsttheminivan has an amazing post about mommy wars...if you are a mom, hope to be a mom, have a mom, know a mom or have a heart I STRONGLY suggest you pop over for a read
-somehow I missed the blog littlebrownpen and her wonderful Paris photographs.  That's it, I need to move to Paris.
-this girl is running across country...barefoot.
-todaysletters emily and her whole 30 log.  i am on day 5 of whole30...a post for another day.
-shannon is speaking truth over at flowerpatchgirl...I love that girl.
Happy weekend friends.
I'll leave you with a quick...kids say the greatest things quote.

as overheard today, spoken by Jude

"I love the feeling you get after you take a bite of a good strawberry. 
 I don't want to eat again.  I want the taste of the strawberry to stay"

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  1. Now I'm craving a strawberry Jude because I know JUST what you mean!
    Sorry Nicole that I can't see you this visit to CA :(
    Have a very Happy Mother's Day xoxoxo


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