biding our time.

This morning we are kicking it around the house.
Biding our time.
Delia is the oldest the surgery patient for our surgeon this morning.
Her surgery is the last one.
Scheduled for noon.
So we wait.
No food for Delia.
Food for me though...with pangs of guilt that Delia can not eat but a hungry momma is a weepy momma and that is no good on a day where mother bravery is at a premium,
I am preparing all the things we might need during our long wait at the hospital.
Hand projects, computer work, mindless reading and so on.
There is a pit in my stomach.
More like a flutter or a pang.
Tears are on the surface for all of us.
Especially Delia...the nervousness has set in.
Sometimes age makes us wiser.
Sometimes not.
God is with us...here in the living room, in the waiting room and in the surgery room.
We are resting in His hand.
Yet, we wait.
Biding our time.
Washing dishes, turning compost, editing photos and practicing piano.
Jude is off for "school" with the cousins.
Final phone calls are made.
Details taken care off.
 We simply bide our time.


  1. Praying! Later in the day surgeries are a pain with the not being able to eat or drink!

  2. I'll be thinking about you guys all day today. Happy healing Delia!! It will all be worth it but I know it's hard in the moment. Hugs to all.

  3. Praying for you all Nicole ;) Keep us updated! xo

  4. praying for you friends and your amazing bionic girl :) from us and our bionic girl.



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