Thoughts on Paris

Just a few random thoughts about Paris:
In no particular order and unaccompanied by a photo.
I love this city, everywhere you turn there are bits of magic.
Being surrounded by so much art makes me want to buy pastels and create.
Paris is beautiful even in the rain.
The cheese...need I say more.
When you walk approx 12km+ a day you can eat as many crepes as you wish.
A centrally located apartment is key...we are on "rue du loo" just like Julia Child.
Fresh croissants with cafe for breakfast...c'est bon.
People know , and I mean know, how to dress here.
Shop windows are pieces of artwork.
Vaulted ceilings and stained glass punctuate each day.
I need to turn 40 more often.


  1. SO FAB!!
    Here's to turning 50 to return....or maybe just 41!

  2. Yeah, so great to hear you're having a wonderful and inspiring time!! Please, please eat a little of everything for me - and you know what I mean, the naughty and oh so yummy stuff.

  3. oh, this makes me really, really happy


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