More thoughts on Paris

Just a few more thoughts on Paris before I head home.
I will post photos later this week.

Not all croissants are made equal.
Ditto on macarons.
The metro stations are all kinda stinky.
The metro cars can be jam packed, strangers breathing down your neck and no one blinks a lash .
The metro signs lit up at dusk though make the Metro seem so romantic.
The city lights in the evening are oh so lovely.
Yogurt comes in the most charming glass jars.
All the "good shops" seem to be closed on Sunday.
Old churches are great places to stop and pray.
Cold winds make it hard to enjoy the Seine.
Little cafes off the beaten track are the best.
Every bridge is charming in it's own right...especially if it is covered with locks.
The French "do" department stores right.
The best finds are the unexpected finds.
And, when the Eiffel Tower sparkles at night the whole city feels magical.

More thoughts to come upon my return to a non-iPad computer.
Photos and all that jazz.
I do have many favorites to share.

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  1. "Oh, mais oui....major la SWOON!"
    xo Safe travels home xo


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