lull and macarons

 The week has flown by.
What I have accomplished can be counted on one hand, I'm sure.
Maybe I need to cut myself some slack and s-l-o-w-l-y get my groove of everyday life back.

 Let's talk about macarons.
Now, I love macarons.
I was looking forward to eating macarons in Paris.
I was thrilled to discover that our apartment was 2 blocks from a Laudree location.

 I noticed that even McDonald's sold macarons in France.
Although, rest assured, I did not eat there.
If I can eat at the same restaurant (even starbucks) at home I do not dine there while overseas.
Although, I don't ever eat at McDonald's at home.
I know, I am a food snob, but that is a post for another time.

We sampled several different purveyors for macarons.
But I must say the best macrons I have eaten are right here in the SF bay area at Miette.
Turns out I don't need to go to Paris for macarons.
I can go to Paris for other wonderful things, such as,
smartly dressed men, long lunches, sit down cafes, beautiful magically street corners, old buildings, the art, the old churches and the beautifully curated shop windows.

Although, I must say we tried a cinnamon and cassis filling macaron that was simply delightful.
Turns out that not all macarons are made equal.
more Paris details forthcoming but tonight is girlfriends night out in the city.
Perhaps, I'll stop for a macaron.


  1. lovely! and i think i need miette in my life:)

    happy weekend!

  2. Isn't miette just delightful?! It's good to know we're getting some of the best of the best out here. I would love if the incorporated some different flavors - cinnamon cassis sounds delicious.

  3. Why can't all our food have such beautiful colours?


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