in one week take 2

In one week today, I will turn 40.
Which will mean, of course, that I will be in Paris.
Which will mean, of course that my mama and papa will celebrate 40 years of parenthood.
It also means I have blogging since 2007, I started on my 35th birthday.
Yes, I have been blathering on and on and on in the blogosphere for 5 years.

photo of me and my dad, circa 1972

edited: to add papa and to correct the year from 1971 to 1972


  1. You know that you were born in 1972 right? :-) Not 1971? If you were born in 1971, you would be turning 41.

  2. Too cute!.....oh and you too Nicole! :)

  3. happy birthday nicole! and have a wonderful time in Paris!!


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