the final crepe...citron & sucre.
c'est bon.
I am home.
I struggled through the jet lag today, trying, in vain, to find our normal.
I sat down for a cafe, at the coffee shop and asked for a mug not a to-go cup.
Holding on to the wee bits of Paris for a day or two longer.
After vacation the hustle and bustle begins again so quickly, doesn't it?
I have 800+ photos to edit, 2 children to educate, and home and life to care for.
In a day or two, I'll have the highlights and a link to more photos.

a store front window.
40 ans.
and so it is...
40 ans.


  1. I am so glad that you made it home safely. Ease into it... I know how nice it is when Paris can linger just a bit longer. I can't wait to see your pictures; that way I can have my own little trip to Paris through you.

    a.k.a. Laurie


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