distracted by weekending

 a snapshot of the weekend.
starting with Friday and the joy of science discovery.

 The last of our school supplies arrived.
It was like Christmas.
4D anatomy figures to put together, a catapult to build and maps to unroll.

 In the meantime we are embracing our inner redneck and piling our junk in heaps in the middle of our backyard.
Delia said it looked like a garage sale.

 In reality our little rental home is being prepped and painted.

 Friday called for a celebration.
A celebration of girlfriends.
dinner in the big city.

 out of town friends.

I was there, I promise!

 a night view of the bridge, a drive down lombard and good times.

 Saturday scattered the fam.
ESCAPE club hike, count me in clean up project and soccer.

 After church on Sunday we went on a double date.
The kiddos played with cousins.
A segway tour of the OAK.

 Tourists in our own town.
Not exactly but...

 part of the tour...a park of giant statues.

 Then there was egg waffles and bubble tea.

An impromptu violin lesson.
A couple in-the-neighborhood-pop-by visits.
I think that wraps the weekedn up in a neat little package.
Not that life is ever neat or packaged.

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