40 things part 3

sister love
counting down to 40

part 1 and part 2

28. Raising a deaf child has made me a better parent and person.
29. I am the eldest of 4 children...the best bunch of siblings a girl could have.
30. This life I live is truly a gift from God...I am blessed beyond measure.
31. Letterpress thrills me, I have big dreams of owning a press one day.
32. I'd like to be a small business owner but I just can't figure out what kind of business to own.
33. Red polish for my toes...every time.
34.I do not have a best friend, not sure I ever did. I do have many many good friends and there is nothing quite like sisters.
35. For years I could read on long car trips, now I can read for about 1.5 mins before I want to hurl.
36.The "Anne of Green Gables" series are my all time favorite novels and I can't wait to read them with Delia.
37. Pridefully so, I can whip up a last minute dinner for 15 with a minimal amount of ingredients and time. The emptier the fridge the greater my pride. good but not good.
38. I love going to the movies by myself, especially afternoon matinees.
39. Once upon a time I loved going to amusement parks, now I avoid them at all cost. I don't like other people's screaming children.
40. I am so grateful for this great big wonderful life. God is so good to me.

Gleefully I embrace my 40's.
Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Loved your countdown & your God-given glee!
    It's what makes you.....YOU Nicoley!
    All God's richest blessings as you enter #41
    Safe travels Doll!

  2. Lol! Im so glad im not the onky one who doesnt like other peoples screqming kids! You are hysterical! I adore you! Hapoy 40 and have fun in paris. Xo

  3. #37 & #38 - Yep and yep! #40 - Amen! I'm thankful for you and your list!


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