40 things part 2

nose to nose with my pal Thomas circa 1994 (? i am so old I forget)
counting down 40 facts...11-27
see part 1 here.

11. When I was in kindergarten, I took accordion lessons. I'd like to try again in my 40's.
12. When I was old enough to know better, I shaved my head...makes me kinda wish...
13. Running down hills gives me great joy...if I am properly supported.
14. Dawn is my middle name...like the rising sun...but I do not rise like the sun.
15. Mornings use to be my thing but now I can barely crawl out of bed before 8am.
16. Many years ago, I lived in Athens Greece. I was a short term missionary working with refugees. I have many mixed emotions about the my time there.
17. 99% of my wardrobe is cotton...I have issues with the texture and feel of man-made fibers...maybe it is in my head, maybe not.
18. Video games are my downfall...wanna play "ticket to ride" with me?
19.When I was a teenager I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, thanks to Madeline L'Engle.
20. I was a terrible student, I did not "apply myself". ugh.
21. Sometimes I dream about running away and spending the night in a fancy hotel, sleeping all day, ordering room service and not telling anyone where I was...but then I think I would be far too lonely.
22. Every morning and every evening I aim to be on my knees, thanking God for"this day".
23. I am at peace with my wrinkles...the laugh lines and the creased forehead...I do not need to pretend I am younger than I am.
24. I have a chronic illness called Iritis...it is a genetic autoimmune hunk of junk...a few years ago I had eye surgery due to my Iritis. a funny post here.
25. Sometimes my faith wavers but yet I cling to the Father. daily clinging.
26. Blue cheese makes me gag.
27. Jude and Delia are the best things that ever happened to me.


  1. i can attest to #26...remember that (in)famous visit to barney's burgers?! :)

  2. i can attest to #21 - it is a daily struggle. I need to do more of #22 to fill my heart.


  3. #18 - I never would have guessed! #14 - didn't know you and Becky shared a middle name. #11 - do it! #21 - you would enjoy it at least until noon.


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