40 things part 1

I am inspired by Heather at Lifemadelovely.
She is turning 37 and is blogging 37 things about herself.
In mere days I turn 40 so I thought I would play along.
Here is goes...in no particular order.#1-10

1. I will try any kind of food...at least once. see photo above, raw oysters fresh from Tomales
2. I can not sing on key, in tune nor can I recognize when I am off key.
3. I am a highly tactile person and when I shop I touch nearly everything in the shop.
4. I have high hopes of owning a farm someday but it is likely romantic notion.
5. Whenever I come across the "perfect verse" I usually forget it by the next day.
6. Before I leave on vacation, I must have clean bedding, clean floors and a clean bathroom.
7. I have a fatalistic imagination...I always think about the worst case scenario every time.
8. I am embracing my grey hairs but think about hair dye every.single.day.
9. Gardening gives me joy but can not keep a houseplant alive...orchids, forgetaboutit.
10. I met my husband when I was 14...so if you have teenage girls be careful who they are meeting.


  1. SUCH a cool idea!
    Can I copy it when I turn 53 this year? You may have to remind me 'cause I'll forget o.k?
    I would like to add a point......You are a world-class hugger!
    Have you started to pack yet?

  2. oh, blue...that is a good idea!

  3. Your #6 is inspiring. Maybe by the time I'm 39.5 I'll be there! Better get cracking!


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