what love looks like.

sometimes love comes in form of favorite snacks (for the mister).

sometimes in the form of garlands sent in the mail.

sometimes in the form of homemade cookies for those who have no home.

sometimes in the form of music and visits to those that can not get out and about.


sometimes love comes in the grand gestures like diamond rings, fancy hotel rooms, surprise parties and new tv's but more often than not, love is the little daily gestures.
the hugs, the notes of encouragement, the pop-by visit, game time with the family, the favorite latte, the new hankies, the favorite junk food, the kind word.
because, really isn't love what flows from our heart because of the One who is love.

go on now, show some love.
send a note.
buy some ranunculus.
bake a cake.
pick up the phone and call your granny.
kiss your sweetie.
hug your son.
color with your girl.
share a meal.
or get all crazy with a big grand gesture.

go on and love on someone.


  1. My handsome husband watched Downton Abby for me. At first it was for love, but then he got sucked in. But, still. Love this post!

  2. Sometimes love looks like this amazing post! Thanks for the encouragement lady! Love xo


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