weekending thursday-sunday

If you have followed the weekending posts of 2012, you will begin to notice a theme,
Family, Friends, Food and Strategic Board Games.
Every once in awhile there will be a variation on that theme but really that just about sums up our life.

Jude with a new friend..Tyson.
The sweetest family...I envision many more shared meals/evenings.

We were hosting fools this past week with friends over many nights in a row.
5 nights in a row.
It is possible my love language is hospitality.
Not sure, but just might be. I'll get back to you on that.

fare thee well dinner.

Friday night we continued the weekend theme.
Good friends. Good eats. Good conversation. Good Games.

Catan...we play 5+ times a week. Best Christmas gift ever.

Farewell friends, we will visit you in SoCal.

new soccer gear for Jude's giant feet.

Jude & Uncle Rob shopping & breakfast outing.
It is swell to have uncles...and grandpops.


A mom & Jude afternoon of embroidery floss organization.
This boy is a son after my own organizational heart.
He is also a friendship making machine.
I love having time one on one with the kids.
Precious moments.
Delia was at an extended playdate and John was at a wild and wonderful sleepover aquarium getaway for educators...lucky guy.

fare thee well coop.

Last week our hens met their maker and I have (again) called it quits on the urban chicken homesteading gig...with great sadness.
I want to be a chicken lady but perhaps after 4 attempts with sad endings it is time to say fare thee well.
Perhaps down the road in a different backyard I will try again.

decade boys.

Saturday marked the easiest birthday party of all time.
3 ten year old boys, pizza, individual ice cream cups and 3+ hours of wii.


After church on Sunday we hosted another birthday party for Jude.
We are like that around here.
Go big or go home.
So lovely to spend the day with people we love and folks who love us right back.
It was a love fest.


Double digits.


Backyard salamander hunting.
Settlers of Catan.
Plant giftings.
Grace upon grace.
Long conversations about employment, camping, bonsai, wine, parenting, old times and so on.
You get the idea.

We are so blessed.
So, so blessed.


  1. Looks like good times and good eats as always! Sorry about the chickens :(
    I have one with and injured leg. If she doesn't improve, she will meet the same fate. However, I'm encouraged by a friend's story of a one-legged chicken that is thriving at her house!

  2. I am so glad to be counted among friends. I love you guys and need you! Happy birthday Judah! Pretty Cool!


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