way late on weekending

I know it is now the weekend but last weekend we had great fun.
A day trip to a wildlife refuge and to Lassen National Park.

At the refuge Delia exclaimed "Why have you never taken us here!"

1000 of birds. A 6 mile drive.
Next time we will take the time to do the 2 mile walk too.
An impromptu science lesson.

Up to Lassen we went...to show-shoe and sled.
There is a drought in California so the snow was not fresh...it was hard and icy.
But we had fun.

Icicles... a rarity.

Ranger led show shoe walk in the woods.
We need to show shoe more often.

Icy sledding.
We broke the sleds.
If there was more time we would have conquered a short hike and the junior ranger program.
Next time..spring perhaps.

The day trip took all of Saturday.
We love a good road trip...fast food ice cream and books on CD.

After church on Sunday, we went to visit great grandma.
The kids read her favorite bible passages.

We wrapped up the weekend with a birthday lunch for Grandpop.
Another weekending worth documenting.
Now it is this weekend already.
Bring it on.
As of this weekend I will have been a parent for a decade.

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  1. Congrats Mamma Bear and many more decades of blessings ahead!


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