This scrunched up note was handed to me as we were preparing to dash out the door this afternoon for Delia's art class and circus class
(2 different classes not a combo class, although that would be interesting.)

I got paid.

In reality, all I did was wash her bed linens, re-made the bed and picked the crumpled bits off the floor. Oh, actually I did sweep and dustbust and tidy up the doll corner too.
A dime's worth of work.


  1. Oh my gosh... thank you (delia) for giving me my best and biggest oaugh all day! Nicole... are you so excited? Im sure thoughts of what to buy first came to mind! Lol, that sweet girl of yours is total awesome sauce!!! Xo

  2. i love the gratitude. taking the time to write a note and place any monetary value is worlds beyond many children who don't think twice about how daily tasks are accomplished. beautiful!


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