not always a party

just so you know, it is not always a party around these parts.
parties, festivities and memorable events make for easy blog posts.
in the world of highs/lows, it is easy to write about the good times.
but what about the other times.
the lows.
the days that are long and hard and end on your knees crying out to God.
does anyone really want to hear about the days of lows, when all I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep the day away instead of experiencing it?
what kind of photo would accompany that post?
I am hanging on.
clinging to Colossians 3.
looking for the things that are eternal.
choosing love.
bearing, forgiving, singing, thanking.
letting peace rule my heart.
this season soon shall pass.
looking ahead.
choosing gratitude.
counting my 1000 gifts.
recently on elizabeth esther's blog she wrote,

"Gratitude is the insulation against the cold winds of despair."

that quote resonates with me.
so today I choose gratitude.
I choose hope.
I choose peace.
this winds are just passing through.
today wasn't a grand party.
it was an everyday.
I cried a bit.
I took a nap.
I played with the kids.
I took a walk.
I ate an avocado.
I re-read colossians 3.
I prayed.
I picked myself up and brushed myself off.
I am so grateful I was given this day.
another day of life.
this is a gift.
all of this is a gift.


  1. Love the image! Its perfect for this post! What i reallylove here is your honesty and your grip on Him. Hang in there - tomorrow is anew day full of new promises. Xoxoxo

  2. Thanks as always!
    The best thing about the "unparty days" is taking the vacuum and sucking away all the debris they leave in our minds, bodies & hearts.....crappy crap be gone!
    I'll stand beside you long distance and hold your hand and we will BOTH look up to Hm! Oh ya, we 'lookin' Baby!!

  3. O, the lows.... Sorry you're blue, Mama.

  4. I'm well acquainted with this kind of day. And gratitude has been doing big things for me lately too. Thanks for posting about this.

  5. you know I love this post :) and GRATITUDE is my lifeline (so God is showing me and I'm trying to be teachable).


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