a new day

their breakie

a new day full of possibilities, adventure and fun.
a new day to choose love, peace and hope.

my delish breakfast

eating breakfast, reading devo's and being still is a great way to start.

this morn, we read from "Jesus Calling" (we read 03/08 post by mistake but perhaps not a mistake) and this thought hit home for us,

"Talk with Me first. let Me help you see things from My point of view. If your goal fits My plan for your life, I will help you reach it...Seek me first...the rest will fall into place piece by piece"

a good way to start the weekend.

ps: I will be in Paris a month from today. oui oui. it'll also mean I will be 40. oui oui.


  1. your breakfast is making my mouth water. Maybe I should eat something.

  2. That is a great thought! Thanks for sharing!


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