keepin' it real.

Just to show you all that my home is not something out of "House Beautiful".
It is a cozy urban cottage home, full of love, rumpled duvet covers and empty photo frames stacked on the floor.
just keepin' it real, folks.
This is our bed, we kicked the kids out a couple years back.
Jose, the cat prefers to nap on the lower right corner.
Earlier this year, I purchased striped sheets (from West Elm),
a big stretch from my love of white sheets.
A few weeks ago I added yellow striped pillow cases (Target, baby)for the front pillows
and added a couple grey pillows.
Feeding my long term love for all things yellow, white and grey.

This weekend I added the "house" pillow...fabric from IKEA and embellished by yours truly.
The added touch.
If only I had styled the bed, even a little bit, it would be pinterest worthy.
not that pinterest is my goal...my goal is to be a well rested mother.
Good n'ght.
A cozy bed, fluffy homemade pillow covers and striped sheets.
Sweet dreams.


  1. At least your bed is made!
    I LOVE striped sheets.


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